EARTH CRISIS -There is no planet B.

Do you know?

  • Plastic makes up 10 percent of all of the waste we generate.
  • Each year, at least 8million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans.
  • Each year, more than 15 million ocean creatures die from plastic.
  • We buy one million plastic bottles every minute.

As an eco-conscious brand, Purpleshe is committed to sustainable and waste-free practices, using responsibly sourced recycled and regenerated materials and dyes in most of our swim-wears with as little waste as possible.

We believe small actions we make today can make a huge difference to our mother EARTH and to our life.

Our Materials

1. Check out some of the eco-friendly materials matte provided by our suppliers.

To make our sustainable swimwear, we purchase the majority of recycled fabrics from several suppliers. All the fabrics picked by us are certified OEKO-100 approved. OEKO-100 is one of the leading social certification standards for factories and organizations across the globe to check for carcinogens, azo dyes, and other chemical limits in accordance with the European REACH standards.

2. Our standards for suppliers: Better materials, safe & sustainable.

Our 100% recycled fabrics are made from very high twisted filament yarns, with a high number of fibers. This increases breathability and makes them very comfortable to wear. 

Our mission is to close the loop on waste by ensuring that our products never enter into the waste stream. We use recycled inputs (plastic bottles) for our fabric and we can recycle your swimsuit when you are done with it. Designing sustainable products and convincing people to use non-disposable products is the only way to stop the inevitable drain on resources.

Our Manufacturing

1. We aim at minimizing the negative impacts associated with manufacturing.

Purpleshe grew out of a small manufacturing factory and has now obtained nearly 100 employees. We produce, design, test, and market and sell our products directly to customers.

2. Our products are manufactured using environmental-friendly process.

  • Our factories now have low-power LED lighting.
  • We invested in an electrical power management system that helps track electricity usage and find improvements.
  • The majority of the materials we use are recycled.
  • We use a solar photovoltaic system to create energy

It is our goal to replace all materials with recycled materials by 2020. We hope you can join Purpleshe to achieve these goals.

We live under the same sky, breath the same air, walk on the same earth.

Save mother earth before it’s too late.

sustainable swimsuit
Candace Howell
Dec. 05, 2019
At Purpleshe, our aim is to create well-designed swimsuits to inspire all women to love themselves. We pride ourselves on high quality and honest price.