7 Beautiful Beaches In The World

The island is the most popular destination for travel throughout the year, and the seaside is also a hot destination for many people. Quietly lying on the beach, close your eyes, bathe in the warm sunshine and feel the gentle sea breeze under the blue sky. To help inspire your next trip, we put together a list of 7 beaches ideas -- and don’t forget to pack extra bathing suits!


Sao Tome and Principe

    Sao Tome and Principe in Africa is one of the most beautiful reclusive islands in the world. Located on the edge of the turquoise ocean of the Atlantic Ocean, and there are many immaculate beaches, emerald forests, and some elegant hotels. Here you can enjoy cherry cake, high-end chocolate, and green coconut oil.


    Orvox Island

    Holbox is near Tulum, Mexico. This Pacific island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and there are a colorful fishing village and a fauna including flamingos that live quietly in the southern part of the archipelago, which is more authentic because don’t have so many people.


    Con Dao


    Con Dao is located near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and consists of sixteen islands that are more beautiful than other islands. Because of late development, there are only a dozen high-end hotels (including Aman and Six Senses), which means that its national parks and ecosystems are intact. Another highlight is diving in the most beautiful waters of the South China Sea.



    Tuvalu Islands


    Tuvalu is considered to be the least traveled country in the world (only 2,000 visits last year), but has a paradise view and is a place for Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, to enjoy their holidays. The Polynesian archipelago is a former British colony,located in between the Pacific Ocean and the south of the equator, full of palm-fringed beaches.




    Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, across the equator, just a stone's throw from Tuvalu. It is a thin land with a translucent lagoon on one side and a reef on the other, miles of blue water.



    Yaeyama Island


    Yaeyama is located in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, there are beautiful beaches, oceans with sapphire glow, white sand beaches, coral reefs, various subtropical plants, and subtropical scenery. It also offers a wide range of activities options we enjoy on vacation: sunbathing, snorkeling, jungle walks...




    In front of Bali in Indonesia, Lombok has the advantage of being more eco-friendly than Bali. You can swim there to discover the bottom of the Gili Islands, enjoy the second highest volcano in Indonesia or pass through the Pusuk forest where monkeys live. It has gained increasingly people's attention, especially the recommendations of experienced travelers around the world.


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