How To Pick A Bathing Suit According To Your Body Type?

Swimsuits look nice,but what if you don’t have a great body type yet? Don't worry,bathing suits also have a decorative function.We summed up some tips about selection for everyone, let’s hug summer together!


Even if you have a little trouble on your body shape, as long as you can find a swimsuit that suits you, you can avoid weaknesses.


  1. Pear-shape

Features:Wider hips, thick legs, thin upper body

Recommendation:High-waisted two-piece

High waist design not only creates a better proportion by offering more coverage, but also shift attention from legs to the waist or chest.So the STRIPE BIKINI SET HIGH WAIST AND HIGH LEG CUT  is a perfect choice thanks to it’s dark bottom and stripe pattern, moulded cup,which keeps the focus firmly up top.



  1. Apple-shape

Features:Thick waist, rounded belly, slender limbs

Recommendation: Ruched in the front

Placing ruching at front hide bits and bumps better than plain flat fabric,which highlight the most advantageous body parts.There's literally some options under $30 to choose from, but here are two of our current favorites for one-piece and two-piece:the Halter One-piece Swimsuit Plunging Neckline.Another swimsuit is TWO PIECES HIGH WAISTED RUFFLE BIKINI SET 


  1. Inverted triangle-shape

Features:Wide shoulders, thin waist


One-shoulder design that highlights the collarbone and the neck.The ONE-SHOULDER BLACK STRAP RUFFLE ONE-PIECE SWIMSUIT Lace-up at middle and high-cut legs accentuate your limbs and waist for a look that’s long and lean.

     4. Rectangle-type


Features:Flat for chest and butt, no curves at the waist

Recommendation: Deep V-neck,hollow on sides of waist

Deep V-neck bump up your chest size a little bit,while the hollow design on both sides of your waist make it look like your waist have more curves than it actually is.So maybe you will like the DEEP V NECK HIGH ELASTIC ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT RED.



  1. Hourglass-type

Features:Well-endowed chest, smaller waist, wider through the hips and derriere

Recommendation: One-piece

It’s all about proportion when it comes to finding swimsuit styles for curvy gals.So how about the CUTE ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT FOR WOMEN WITH FLOUNCE DESIGN?This one-piece swimsuit with a long torso elegantly accentuates your curves, making you look very slim and fashionable. With removable shoulder straps and padded push-up bras, it is so cute and comfortable. Off-shoulder design with tropical printed pattern and tiered flounce style will look very fantastic and gorgeous for a beach holiday.