8 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Swimsuit

The weather is becoming increasingly hot, and girls who advocate a healthy lifestyle are already thinking about wearing a sexy swimsuit and strolling along the beach. Well, the swimsuit is good-looking, but whether you know how it should be maintained correctly .Then,today 8 tips are offered to help you take good care of your swimwear.

  1. The swimsuit should be away from heat, chemicals, cosmetics,sand and rock or other rough surfaces, moisture and avoid long time stuffy in plastic bags.
  2. Thoroughly wet the swimsuit with clean water before launching to reduce the corrosion of sea water or pool water.
  3. Wash off the chlorine or sea salt with a large amount of clean water before taking off the swimwear.After do that,rinse it carefully. Please kindly noted that do not use chemicals such as hot water, washing powder, bleaching powder, cold washing essence, etc.
  4. Bathing suits that have just passed through should not be placed in a non-ventilated place for a long time (such as in plastic bags or in the rear compartment). Wash them with water as soon as possible.
  5. Don't wring it out. It is best to use a large towel to absorb the water and put it in a dry place. Furthermore,avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and using a dryer, which will damage the fabric and deform it.
  6. Do not store the insect-proof items with your swimwear in the storage closet.
  7. Once the swimsuit is stained by chlorine, sunscreen and cosmetics ,will lead to fabric damage and discoloration ,so it need to be completely cleaned immediately.
  8. Put it in the best position to avoid deforming and affecting the appearance.