Swim Styles by your Zodiac Sign

Whether you are astrology-obsessed or not, I think we all agree that reading your horoscope is always fun. Today, we decided to align the stars and the sea by sharing the swim styles that you should have according to your zodiac sign.

Bold Gingham Bikini Set in black and white

Aries does diva better than anyone! Your need for attention leads to bold fashion choices with fresh twists.

Elegant One-shoulder Set in navy blue

There’s nobody more elegant than you, Taurus! Your feminine frame is sure to look good in anything, but a vintage-inspired bikini is your number one choice.

Classic Stripe Bikini Set
If anyone loves to reinvent their look, it’s you Gemini! In your eyes, classic shapes and styles must be combined with comfort.

Blue Floral One-piece
Put yourself first for once – you deserve it! Beach is the best place for your to show off your feminine side. Try this suit, which is in a color that perfectly fits your water sign.

Asymmetrical Ruffled One-Piece
You love attention, and you’ll do anything to get it. Exquisite is the name of your bikini game. This sophisticated piece will make you like a shining star on the beach.

Lilac Strappy One-Piece
Detailed-oriented and hard-working, you’re all about indulging, but it’s time to start embracing. Remember, you’ll feel good if you look good!

Ruffled Tie-back Bikini Set
Oh graceful one, take some of that ultra-feminine sex appeal to the beach with bedroom inspired bikinis to enjoy the summer fun truly.

Chic Side-Tie Bikini Set
Bring that street-chic to the beach, but try to amp up your predictable neutral palette. Everyone loves you for your uncanny ability to be fun and serious, so incorporate that into your look.

Chic Double-strap Bikini Set
You’re a born adventurer, so we know you have some epic vacations planned over the summer break. Just make sure you have a swimsuit that you can look hot in by the pool, but that won’t come untied while you’re kayaking in the ocean!

Comfort Blue Bralette Bikini Set
Comfort is key for a realist like yourself. Opt for some light cream colors to keep your energy high, and trust that the simplest bikini is the one you are most likely to hold onto forever. 

Romantic Mix and Match Set
You’re a true trendsetter, Aquarius! Keep surprising people with your refined statements. Mix and match bikinis are your best partners.

Striped Ruffle One-piece
You have the best and biggest imaginations in the world. Show off some big ruffles or keep it discreet...Represent your true identity either way.

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