How to Take Killer Instagram Swimsuit Photos?

Beach days are full of fun, laughter and of course photographs. But with Instagram being flooded with swimsuit shots all summer long, how are you going to make yours stand out? Here’s how to take killer Instagram swimsuits shots in five simple steps…

#1 Feel Confident Inside

Enjoy wearing a swimsuit and being around your friends and having vanity moments. Every woman needs to have your ‘Oh, my God, I'm super sexy. Let's take pictures. Let's all get together. Let's have a good time.' moment. Don’t let anything hinder you from having a good time. Confidence is always the most attractive thing in a photograph. If you're feeling great, you'll photograph great too. Smile—it's summer!

#2 Choose the right swimwears

The key to finding a bathing suit that looks good on you is knowing which designs and colors balance your body shape. Are your hips wider than your waist, or is your waist larger than your hips? Do you have a large bust? Find your perfect swimsuits by knowing your body shapes.

#3 Backgrounds

A dreamy background is crucial to a good photo, whether you’re by the pool, exploring the local town, at a party, or spending the day at the beach great photo opportunities are around every corner. Look for a background that is lightly contrasted as it will elongate your shape and make you appear more tanned (bonus!).

#4 Poses

Unless you're a model or friends with Jenners, it's perfectly normal to feel intimidated by the inevitable Summer swimsuit pic. Discover some angles that you feel most comfortable in and experiential in a mirror before your travel starts. For example, With 1 Leg in Front of the Other elongates your legs and flatters your hips. 

#5 Editing

You’ve captured an awesome photo, but how do you turn it into a drool-worthy good Instagram photo? With so many editing apps available, it can be difficult to figure out where to start! Here are some of our favorite Instagram photo editing apps.

Viso- An elegant, easy to use app that’s a must for every serious Instagrammer.

Snapseed-The ultimate fine-tuning app; Snapseed is an all-purpose photo editor perfect for image enhancements and corrections. 

TouchRetouch-Remove any unwanted blemishes and objects from your photos with ease.

And of course, Instagram: Instagram’s own photo editing software has improved dramatically over the years and we highly recommend adding it to your editing lineup.

So just remember. Don’t stress out. Take your time and get inspired by looking at what others are doing. Use the tools you have & you’re already on your way!

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