Share Your Travel/Life Stories with the World!

We believe everyone has a story worth telling.

Maybe it’s the story that how you met the love of your life. Maybe it’s the story of how you built a family or a career (or both). Maybe it’s an adventure story of you dive deep into the ocean, climb a mountain, or drive California State Route 1.

But often, our experiences remain confined within ourselves. What if we give you a chance to pour out your life/travel experiences and share them with the world?

Also, do you have any lessons on life, travel or even on your career that you’d like to share with other women? If so, feel free to share those too. We want to hear it all. 

To share your story, email us at It can be long or short. It’s entirely up to you. 

We’ll be sharing as many of your stories as we can on our blog and social media pages and if we pick yours, you’ll win a FREE swimsuit. (So please only post stories you don’t mind us sharing.) 

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Whatever your story is, we want to hear it.

Candace Howell
Dec. 04, 2019
At Purpleshe, our aim is to create well-designed swimsuits to inspire all women to love themselves. We pride ourselves on high quality and honest price.