Introducing the Most Comfortable Bra Pads

A well-fitting bra pad of a swimsuit can make your swimsuit instantly more supportive and comfortable. Purpleshe uses the best bra pads to enhance your natural bust line for a fuller silhouette that feels sexy and looks perfectly natural.

Choosing pads: 

There are many kinds of different bras out the biggest consideration we need to make is whether the type of cup is comfortable. That’s why our expert decides to use foam cup pads for both support and modesty. The cups we chose are specially labeled for swimsuits, making sure that they don’t retain a lot of water like a sponge when they are wet.

Purpleshe padded cups won't retain a lot of water when wet.

Multiple Sizes:

Picking a swimsuit cup size is as exacting as picking a bra size cup so we need to offer multiple cup size range for swimsuits with different(e.g. A/B or C/D). For foam cups, we invited 30+ try on models to make sure that the cup will stay in place and give more comfort and coverage in the suits. It went through over 100 trials before we finally find the perfect fit.

Removable Bra Pads:

Soft cups hold your bust shape while smoothing, supporting, and covering the breasts. If you don't want them, you can always take them out.

Lining Techniques:

Inserting bras into a swimsuit is actually extremely technical and requires incredible focus and expertise. Hundreds of women work in our factory, and every day they invest their time into little details that truly make a difference in how Purpleshe swimsuit fits, feels and looks. The women who make our bras are highly skilled and trained sewers. They understand the importance of every stitch and seam as they insert our pads and make our swimsuits. A couple of tacks through the lining into the cup to keep them permanently situated in the correct location. In the meantime, they leave a small split so customers can take the pads out if they don’t want them.

Bra Pads Care Instructions

You can wash it by hand with mild soap and warm water after use in chlorinated water or saltwater and rinse well, then air dry but it could also be washed with machine wash up to 200 times. 


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Dec. 17, 2019
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